Saturday, October 25, 2014

Q & A...

I've had some people ask me some questions about the
Colour Outside the Lines Art Fest 2015.

Q. Why are you organising it soooo far ahead?
(November 2015)
A. It's absolutely necessary to book a venue to hold the event
so far ahead, as venues get booked out early.
You need to book a venue that has the right size rooms for classes,
catering facilities, and close to accommodation if necessary.

Q. Why hold such an event, with all the work/preparation
it will take?
A. I felt that Melbourne was lacking such an event.
I know that some stores/businesses hold their own
weekend retreats, but I thought that we could do with
one more larger event somewhere in a central place.

With a lot of stores closing, people can still buy product on line,
but don't have as many choices where they can go and learn how
to use the bought products, learn new techniques, meet up with
other scrap bookers, and most importantly, socialise together.

I decided on holding the event in late November as most
of the paper craft shows/expos in Australia
will have come to an end for the year.
This would then be the last chance for some crafting
and scrapbooking/art fun for the year.

I feel it is important to maintain the creative spark in this industry alive.
Both for the scrap bookers and artists,
but also for the businesses which rely on those customers.

One cannot do without the other...

**tell me your thoughts**

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