Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Up and running...

Well, here I am on a new venture!

Last year I attended a weekend retreat in N.Z, but was not able to attend this years.
I loved how so many scrapbookers were all in one place, concentrating on their creating, learning new techniques and best of all, having fun!

Even though I organise international scrapbooking tours, I was frustrated that there was not one in the city of Melbourne, and more so when speaking to other scrapbookers about the apparent lack of such events.
I also agreed with scrapbookers that since stores are closing down all over the place, there seemed to be nowhere to go and buy the latest products except online.
Which is fine, but I like to touch the papers especially, and feel the quality and texture.
Of course there are paper craft show happening, but of course, crafters want more!

So, this project came about one day whilst in conversation with my hubby.
People want to go somewhere, craft all weekend, meet old friends and make new ones, learn some new techniques along the way, and shop for products.

Why not put one together myself?
This will require lots of thought, planning, investigating, sums to be done, questions will need to be asked, and etc etc and etc.
Why not I thinketh! What could go wrong?

We checked out city based conference rooms/hotels, decided on one that seems to meet all our needs, and booked it Dano!

Next. A name for this event!
We finally settled on one after much toing and froing, discussion of why and why not we should go with a particular one.

Next. A logo! Looked at lotslotslots of stuff to get the inspiration juices going, and happened to come across the blog "Bliss and Gesso" by Gayle Price.

I have followed her blog for quite a while now, and I noticed a slight change in her work recently. I like it! Spoke to her and asked if she could come up with something "artyfarty" for me and she said she would see what she could do.

Couple days later she sent me an image. I opened the email. I was surprised!
It wasn't anything like I had imagined, but I loved it!
Talked to her a bit more, and agreed that we were both happy to use the artwork.
Ta Da! Done!

Now onto the teachers for the event. ...(more to come)...

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